Mercedes-Benz Safety Features


Staying safe in your vehicle is incredibly important when driving around St. Louis, MO. Mercedes-Benz has taken vehicle safety a step further with a suite of advanced safety features found in many of their luxury car and SUV models. Experience the advanced safety and sense of security a Mercedes-Benz vehicle can offer you.


Mercedes-Benz PRE-SAFE®


Mercedes-Benz PRE-SAFE® detects danger before it happens. PRE-SAFE® uses a network of sensors to determine a vehicular accident before it happens. It will tighten the front seat belts, adjust the front driver and passenger head restraints, and close all windows to keep occupants as safe as possible.




Even the slightest amount of distraction while driving can result in an accident. DISTRONIC PLUS® involves a system of advanced radar sensors to scan for slowed or stopped traffic. PRE-SAFE® Brake will kick in if the system detects a possible collision and launches 40% braking power. If the driver applies the brake, 100% braking pressure is enforced to lessen the intensity from a collision.




The Mercedes-Benz industry first ATTENTION ASSIST® gets to know your driving habits. Within the first minute of driving, ATTENTION ASSIST® will become acquainted with your driving style. If it notices any irregular activity, such as drifting out of your lane, it will notify you with an audible alert.


Mercedes-Benz Active Blind Spot Assist & Active Lake Keeping Assist


Sometimes safety is out of your control. Active Blind Spot Assist detects vehicles within the driver's blind spot. If that is the case, a red icon lights up in the side mirror to warn you, and if you change lanes, an alert will sound.


Lane Keeping Assist helps the driver control unintentional lane drifting. A vibration will pulsate in the steering wheel if Lane Keeping Assist identifies a wandering vehicle.


Although these advanced safety features greatly assist St. Louis area drivers, it is important to stay alert behind the wheel. These Mercedes-Benz safety features should only be used to support the driver.


Visit Mercedes-Benz of St. Louis to test-drive a vehicle equipped with these incredible safety features. St. Louis area drivers can get in touch with us by phone at 314-647-2400 or through our website for more information.

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