Three Ways New Mercedes-Benz Technologies Improve Visibility

August 31st, 2017 by

Mercedes-Benz engineers are always developing new ways in which drivers like you can have a better driving experience. A good example is the innovative work done to improve the visibility of models in the latest collection. Below are three features now available to select vehicles that ensure drivers like you can travel around St. Louis, Missouri, and beyond with greater clarity.


Adaptive Highbeam Assist — Using a camera to observe what lies ahead, Adaptive Highbeam Assist maximizes illumination by adjusting lighting position automatically. Better still, it does so without causing glare to oncoming drivers. That means you can enjoy a clear view without a hassle.

Night View Assist® PLUS — Using infrared beams and a camera, Night View Assist® PLUS shows a real-time view of what is hidden in the dark. It even has a system that can sense hot and cold temperatures to make out pedestrians and shine a light in their direction. That means you can stay alert with ease.*

These are two technologies that are now available to new Mercedes-Benz models. So if you want to discover what else is offered, come over to Mercedes-Benz of St. Louis to check one out for yourself!

*Night View Assist® PLUS does not replace the use of headlamps and must not be used as the primary visual source for the driver.

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