What is Mercedes-Benz BlueTEC®?

November 15th, 2018 by

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Diesel engines are becoming increasingly popular on this side of the Atlantic, and with advancements in the technology becoming more and more frequent, you can bet this trend will continue. Mercedes-Benz developed their BlueTEC® clean diesel technology in order to further reduce the emissions of these increasingly fuel-efficient engine options, and drivers from Clayton to Collinsville have been quick to take notice. Our lineup of vehicles with diesel engines includes both Mercedes-Benz vans like the spacious Sprinter BlueTEC®, and passenger vehicles, too! Even if you’ve never considered diesel before, BlueTEC® may just be the right choice for you. Contact us today to learn more.

How Does Mercedes-Benz BlueTEC® Work?

Hybrid models are now plentiful and popular nearly everywhere one goes. Advanced diesel technology represents a fuel-efficient alternative to increasingly dominant hybrid designs, and with Mercedes-Benz BlueTEC®, you can be sure that you’re getting superior performance along with strong fuel economy.

BlueTEC® engine components reduce emissions and improve performance with:

  • High-pressure fuel injection:This technology directly injects fuel for optimal performance.
  • Variable-vane turbocharger: This type of turbocharger alternates its aspect ratio in response to your speed, maximizing your power output as it changes.
  • AdBlue liquid solution: AdBlue liquid allows dangerous Nitrogen Oxide to be converted into nitrogen and oxygen, elements that won’t harm the environment.

Benefits of BlueTEC®

Although Mercedes-Benz hybrid vehicles offer plenty of power, some drivers may feel more comfortable, and capable, behind the wheel of a BlueTEC® model. A BlueTEC® diesel engine offers an estimated 6-8 mpg increase over a comparable model running on gasoline, often without any compromise on power. What’s more, diesel engines tend to offer exceptional quotients of torque, so you’ll be able to move quickly off the line.

Explore Fuel-Efficient Options at Mercedes-Benz of St. Louis

Drivers who choose a Mercedes-Benz BlueTEC® diesel vehicle will be able to experience the roads of Ladue like never before, and all without burning up unnecessary fuel. Start exploring our rotating special offers today, and get behind the wheel of a BlueTEC® vehicle like the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van tomorrow! We’re sure that you’ll love how you feel behind the wheel.

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